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4 The lead up and going live

1. How, when and where to share my event:
Communications plan, invitation and registration form design, and outputs
2. Core principles for a safer and more accessible event
3. Technical support during my event, backup plan and preventive measures
4. (Re)imagining facilitation for online events


Let’s start with privacy and security concerns. We have stressed the importance of privacy and se...

Core principles for a safer and more accessible event

Safe space: Privacy, security and anonymity needs of your participants are the baseline for c...

Technical support during your event

When creating an event that runs fully online, the attention that is given to logistics in physic...

Backup plan and preventive measures

There are many things that are out of your control during real time online event: connectivity is...

(Re)imagining facilitation for online events

Questions in this section • Planning facilitation for online events • What to prepare and share...